R-rated Review: Deadpool

“From the studio that inexplicably sewed his fucking mouth shut the first time, comes… me!”

teaser-one-sheetSo, the infamous Deadpool has landed in cinemas and it’s awesome! After someone (not Ryan Reynolds *cough*) leaked some footage a couple of years ago, Fox decided to go ahead with the movie and let Tom Miller (beginner director) and Ryan to do what they want on a fairly small budget ($58 million) for a superhero movie. And they did. And R-rated Deadpool movie awaits you in cinemas in all its glory, with tons of dirty jokes, easter eggs and references to other movies, especially Green Lantern and X-Men. Because the movie is R-rated, this review will also contain a lot of f-bombs and appropiate language.

“Time to make the chimi-fucking-changas!”

 The plot is pretty simple. Wade Wilson becomes Deadpool after a fucked up experiment to cure his cancer and transform him into a mutant. His dirty humor was always a part of the character and that’s how he meets and marries Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), whom he leaves after he deems himself too ugly to live with. Introduce a British villain, Ajax (Ed Skrein), a revenge story, Vanessa as a damsel in distress and two lesser known (and cheaper according to Deadpool) X-men: Colossus and “Negasonic Teenage… what the shit? That’s the coolest name ever!” and you get the script for the movie. Some might say this is a simple and long-used story and that the romance is unnecessary, but it serves the movie well, considering it is the first movie in a franchise (the succes Deadpool will have is undeniable) and the first to really feature Deadpool in all his fucking glory. But this isn’t about the story itself, which is short (108 minutes with the credits), but about the unique opportunity this character brings. breaking the fourth wall, making fun of everything without fear of consequences. When Colossus says that they will go meet the Professor, Deadpool asks “McAvoy or Stewart?” or when he goes to Ajax’s facility to get his powers, he yells “And don’t make the suit green. Or animated!”. Also, note the hellicarrier at the end of the movie, which is the place for the final battle, that’s a direct reference to Marvel’s franchise.

“This is a superhero movie, but that guy in the suit just turned that other guy into a fucking kebab.”

Yeah, many would think this is a superhero movie but it’s not. Colossus represents the hero values, constantly reminding Deadpool that he can use his powers for good (as in not kill bad guys) and he is laughed by and neglected every time by our anti-hero. Ryan Reynolds is perfect as Deadpool/ Wade Wilson. He doesn’t have tons of talent, as the character himself admits in the movie, but he’s got charisma and good-looks. When he’s behind the mask, all hell breaks loose. Dirty jokes, shooting, stabbing, guts everywhere, all done like it’s a stroll in the park on a Sunday morning. Even Morena Baccarin is likeable in her role as Vanessa/ damsel in distress/ dirty whore. Plus, now she’s officialy part of both DC and Marvel universes (playing Dr. Leslie on Gotham, Gideon on The Flash and Talia al’Ghul in recent DC animated features). As the movie itself states in the beginning, the villain is a British guy (something Hollywood seems to enjoy doing – are there really no American actors who can play a villain?) and Ed Skeirn does a good job being a badass, egocentric and generally a douchebag guy.

“You’re right. Cancer’s only in my liver, lungs, prostate, and brain. All things I can live without.”

Deadpool-Official-Image-DrawingThe special effects are pretty good for such a low budget movie. CGI is easily seen in the movie, especially on Colossus or the big fights, but it’s good, cause we don’t really need hundreds of millions of dollars with Deadpool, we need his character to be good and it is. Even the music is genius. Junkie XL does a tremendous job at creating an electronic and badass soundtrack for Deadpool, adding great music like Angel of the Morning – Juice Newton or X Gon’ Give It To Ya – DMX in the best possible and inappropiate moments. So, job well done, Tom Holkenborg

The runtime of the movie is perfect, not too long or too short, though I would have preffered fewer flashbacks and backstory and more Deadpool in action. Another small issue with the movie is it’s missed by a bit chance to use gratuitous violence and dirty lines. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of fucking, blood, testicles and other kind of nasty stuff, but there could have been more visual action, not only bad words.


“I bet you’re wondering, why the red suit? Well, that’s so bad guys can’t see me bleed!”

To sum up, Deadpool is FUCKING AWESOME. Hilarious as fuck, managing to be much more entertaining than other Marvel movies (Avengers jokes, I’m looking at you), without being forced and delivers everything that it promised during its FUCKING AWESOME campaign. Go see the movie as soon as you can, we need a Deadpool 2.

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